About Youth Formation Ministries

Youth Formation Ministries began as an outgrowth of Christian Formation Ministries, an organization which since 1982 has formed catechetical materials for the Anglican world.  Christian Formation is used around the globe, and has borne incredible fruit by teaching directly from the Scriptures the doctrines of the Faith.  Christian Formation is orthodox, biblical, and founded upon the catechetical models of the ancient Church.

In 2006, Father Lee Nelson began to use the Christian Formation materials with the youth of Saint Laurence Church in Southlake, Texas.  The results were astounding.  Youth responded to the call to conversion and discipleship, and began to truly learn the Christian Faith.  Along with parish catechist Larry Votto, Father Nelson taught the course for one school year.  Because the materials needed much translation, shortly after this, Father Nelson undertook a conversation with the founders of Christian Formation, Canon Cris Fouse and Father William Blewett to discuss working on a youth version.  This has become Youth Formation.